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ABC of Reading - Ezra Pound (Texto en Inglés)



ABC of reading - Ezra Pound - Texto en Inglés - Library of congres  Catalog Card Number 603034 ISBN 0811201511

. ABC of Reading is a book by Ezra Pound published in 1934. In it, Pound sets out an approach by which one may come to appreciate and understand literature (focusing primarily on poetry). Despite its title the text can be considered as a guide to writing poetry. The work begins with the "Parable of the sunfish", ends with a collection of English poetry that Pound called Exhibits and along the way contains several strikingly informative mantras:

"Literature is language charged with meaning: Great literature is simply charged with meaning to the utmost degree" - to be achieved by three main ways:

phanopoeia – throwing the object (fixed or moving) on to the visual imagination.

melopoeia – inducing emotional correlations by sound and rhythm of the speech.

logopoeia – inducing 1 & 2 by stimulating associations with other word/word groups.

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